piątek, 23 czerwca 2017

[Devpost] Dubmaku is out!

This, my dear friends, is Dubmaku:

Dubmaku is a singleplayer mobile game in which the player's task is to dodge bullets to the beat of dubstep. The longer the player survives, the higher the score.
The song is generated while playing, every attack pattern has an assigned piece of music, so the audio reinforces the visuals.
The fact, that it has no age restrictions makes me proud, as my previous game "Fuck You!" was Adults Only in some countries. Maybe that's because of svastikas?

Until i was in the late stages of development, i didn't realize how similar is it to Super Hexagon 😁
Well, maybe noone will notice.

My main issue with this game is its huge lack of optimalization, even the best phones have some trouble running it smoothly, and i'm not sure why.

Anyways, you can try it here!

See you again sometime!

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