piątek, 27 stycznia 2017

[Devpost] Zew - the game I'm working on right now.

Zew (eng: The Call) will be a hard-boiled game about dying in pain. The main character, being constantly tormented by his body, demands euthanasia. One day, his long forgotten friend shows up, to show him why life is worth living.

(eng: The Call. Type help.)

The main focus of the game are the conversations between the two characters (dialog system) and showing the mundane, painful everyday life of a dying man. I create this game for a pro-life competition hosted in Poland, that's why it's in Polish. The competition's name is Pomóż ocalić życie bezbronnemu which means "Help saving the innocent's life".

I've participated in a previous edition, winning the third prize with the game called Ratuj Dziecko! (eng: Save the child!), which was about abortion, and looked this crappy:

I justify myself with the fact, that I've made it very hastely, in under a week. Also, I didn't even care :D
But i promise, this one will be better, and maybe i'll translate it to english.

Download Ratuj Dziecko here!

See ya, nerds!

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