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[My Old Games] Maze of Madness

Maze of Madness is a game I've made in 2014, for a simple reason - I was working on many games, but never finished any of them. I decided to challenge myself:
Make a complete game in under a week. And well, I succeeded.

Overally, the game is about solving mazes. As a child, i loved drawing creative mazes, in which for example was a flesh eating flower, which the player had to feed with a guardian or some leftovers lying in some other corner of the maze, so said player could go past him. I followed this nostalgic spirit, and mixed with my cruel design style which I had back then.
The game starts simple, teaching player the basics, then slowly adding mechanics like:
  • doors and keys
  • portals
  • darkness (you don't see the whole maze at once)
  • one-way passages
  • negating tiles (they make that the player can walk inside the walls, but can't pass the open space)
  • solidifying buttons (they turn marked tiles into solid walls when stepped on)
  • light buttons (they let the player see the whole level in darkness levels, as long as he stands on them)

Those elements are rather simple to understand, mixing them together was a great level design practice. If i was making this game now, first thing I'll do differently is the walking required to solve the levels - some are extremely mean, by requiring the player to walk through the whole level more than two times. It gets better by the end, where the game is less walking and more solving puzzles.
The game has two endings, because why not :D

Maze of Madness was made in Game Maker, the source code is pure spaghetti :D
(For those who don't know, "spaghetti code" means, that the code is unnecesarily chaotic and complicated, rendering it hard to read and understand)

Get the game here!

See You next time!

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