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Global Game Jam 2017

Global Game Jam 2017 was great!

(Quick info, for those of you who don't know what am I talking about:
Global Game Jam is an yearly event, in which game creators from around the globe meet in various places to hang out and create games in less than 48 hours. Every year the theme is announced, and then people start to work hard on their ideas to fit given theme, and they the have only two days do create the complete game, including visual art, sounds and programmed logic of course.
Don't worry, i won't tell anyone you didn't know that!)

In fact, this was my first Jam, and i loved it. The challenge was really fun, the anticipation for the theme pumping, the people nice and talkative. The part of the Jam i participated was called LubJam, and took place in Lublin, Poland. There were like 30 people at most, but that's good, because the office we were in was rather small.

This year's theme were Waves, so i came up with this idea of a stealth game in which a blind character must send sound waves to see it's surrounding, but those waves attract enemies, so you have to be careful.

I called the game Echo Away, because it's plot is about dreaming of disappearance (yes, it even has a plot!).
The game has 12 levels, which seems to be much considering the fact, that I put huge effort into level design.
The game isn't fullscreen, because it uses shaders for that cool color effect, and scaling the game to most of the screens results in it being horribly broken. Despite this and some minor issues, I'm really proud of what I've created.

I look forward to participate in further jams, as I find them really entertaining.

Here are some links:
My game.
All the LubJam's games.
GGJ's main site.

See Ya!

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